I am a 23-year-old, Brighton Based, UI/UX designer and developer. In other words, I like to play with colours, code, and characters. I have a serious love for design; logos; posters; leaflets; websites; as long as I can get my creative juices flowing - I’m happy!

I’ve been designing and building websites since my early teens, starting out on my Dad’s company website. Needless to say, I have improved a lot since then (I hope!). Nowadays, I work across the UK with businesses large and small to create stunning, nuanced, and friendly websites with full branding to boot.

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A complete rebranding for this Salon Software company based in Kent. Having designed and built their own first website, they wanted something more professional and contacted me to see what I could create for them. With a new stylish logo and modern site design, they are now receiving more enquiries than ever.



Rebranding an old company to give it a new lease of life is no easy task but sometimes a necessary one. Following relocating from London to Brighton, Pegasus decided it was time to create a new logo, website, and complete image to boot. I worked closely with Steve from Pegasus to achieve a modern, high quality design and build.



This website included filming and cutting together a header promotional video for Equinox's state of the art VR Motorsport Simulator which helps professional race car drivers practice without the cost of taking an actual car to the road. This was a fun project, they even let me have a go. I don't think I'll become a racing driver any time soon, but it was still great fun!

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This incredible website will act as a new way of deciding on something do to when there's nothing to do. It truly is an exciting project to be involved with and I cannot wait to see it launched very soon!



From manipulating images to branding and coding the company website, Roofing Solutions UK needed everything. A brand new company with everything to play for, this was an incredibly important task to get right - one slip up and the company could have been under before it started. Now, Roofing Solutions UK are booming in Croydon!



An old family friend, Stuart Barnes from RibRequest decided it was time to rebrand his boat excursion company. Previously, it aimed heavily towards commercial boat support but Stuart wanted to reach into the seal spotting and power boat market and, so, build a new company with new branding.



I have designed and developed a number of high performing websites for this client, but this one is possibly my favourite. It's not every day you get to work with the colour green! This was a fun website to build and the client always poses a challenge to make each site bigger and better than the one before.



As one of the UK’s most well known international removals company, MoveCorp needed to modernise their website and make their brand stick out. They also needed an easy way for customers to receive a quick quote which lead to building a simple multi-step form to streamline the process and invite leads.



Elegance and professionalism was the order of the day for Milton Keynes based luxury chauffeur company, Maple Executive Cars. Matching high quality imagery with a stylish and simplistic layout, the new site is a beautiful representation of the experience the client will receive in their chauffeured journey.



This brand new start up company required everything from logo through to leaflets and, of course, a professional website. With a video background, a moden layout, and built in SEO, their site is flying online and getting them a lot of interest.



As a long standing SEO client, Scrap Car Kings was at the top of Google with an outdated site that was losing them leads. So, I created a modern site that made it quick and easy for users to get an instant quote for their vehicle scrapping.



For my musical side, I’m a singer in a Funk/Soul Rock band. I built us a site to showcase our new music, new videos and upcoming events. Only slightly self-indulgent but what self respecting musician isn’t?



Building a website for a beautiful river wedding venue in the Thames was a highlight. It can be rare to work with a company that has an abundance of excellent photography to get creative with.



Building a site for portable toilets and cabin classrooms can sound a bit dull. However, with a lick of colour, some excellent photography and a modern design, modular buildings never looked better!




Designing for the web is my favourite challenge and creating a graphic that requires so many different attributes is exactly that - a challenge. One of the most important strengths of any website is striking the careful balance between visual appeal and usability.

I believe I’ve begun to find that balance with my work - it may have taken a lot of time and plenty of research to get to this point - but I am now confident in the sites that I build. Take a look at my porfolio to decide for yourself!

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Over the past few years I&ve been involved with national companies to create inserts for magazines and newspapers. From designing the inserts themselves to prepping for print, I was involved from the off and my clients have been thrilled by the results!


Designing logos is a deceptively difficult and important task in any rebranding design process. It's not enough to simple throw ideas at a page and hope one sticks - the best logo design takes time, research, and a keen eye for detail. The logos I have designed in my career are all created to make the company they represent more professional and trustworthy.


Caching the eye on the move and being memorable are two of the key factors that make merchandise design work. Whether designing t-shirts, hats, badges, or even protein shakers, designing merchandise is one of my special loves. There's nothing quite like holding something in your hand that you've designed yourself!


Creating a design that stands out at a business exposition can be the difference between a company getting no leads and coming away with a strength of interest. However, it's not as easy as it sounds to get the important information that a client wants on their exhibition stand whilst still making it attractive.


This personal project of mine came in with the release of my band's 8 track EP. For it, I decided to create an individual piece of artwork for each song on the CD - a design that pulled inspiration from the themes of the track and echoed it's emotion. Colour and image distortion played a huge role in capturing each track's feeling.


Branding is more than just a logo. While the logo is incredibly important, companies often overlook the power of colour, tone of voice, and company message. Making sure a company has a continuity, a distinct professionalism and is, of course, memorable is what makes branding a success.


With my degree in Theatre Studies, I naturally performed and directed in a number of plays of varying topics. Capturing the themes of the play whilst appealing to non-theatre goers was a difficult but rewarding challenge that required balancing abstract image manipulation with mainstream aesthetic appeal (similar to film posters/graphics).


A little more simple than theatre posters, but no less rewarding. At Get Manic, we annually sponsored a local charity beer festival in Hanover, Brighton. One of the perks of sponsoring the ale was getting a poster in the hall. Rather than using this perk for self-promotion, we decided to make it a yearly challenge to design the best poster in the hall.


It may be old school, but clients still love brochures and welcome packs. Taking a professional brochure to a meeting can seal the deal for a lot of potential customers which is why making sure their design is perfect. It's important to make sure enough information is provided without being overly text heavy and off-putting.


It still surprises me how much impact brochures and leaflets have on making sales and pulling leads. As primarily a web designer, I still suggest digital media over print for business advertising but there is something to be said for handing a potential client a leaflet that sells your company for you. Making a memorable mark on a client requires going the extra mile - a mile that leaflets run for you.


Business cards still are and will forever be business owners' favourite assets. Handing out business cards at expos and meetings instills a sense of pride and is still a fantastic way of making marketing personable - giving a potential client a name and a phone number to contact you on. Naturally, then, the design needs to be equally personable and professional.



Ever since I was a youngster, I've always had a passion for colour and creativity. Whether it is designing a new identity for a business, or coming up with mind-boggling artwork, playing around with colour and image is always fun and rewarding.

Yet, it's not always easy to balance creativity with professionalism and it's something I've had to learn over the years of design. The most important and difficult thing I've learnt is that if you can't give a reason for something in your design - it shouldn't be there: "It looks nice" - doesn't cut the mustard!

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Filming in conjunction with The Great Escape Festival, a group of friends and I (known as Waterfront Studios) took to a quaint church on the seafront to film internationally renowned and exceptionally talented contemporary pianist, Nils Frahm. This film was part of a series of music videos we shot called Waterfront Sessions - the premise being each song was filmed by water (in this case Brighton seafront!).


Together with Tom&Tom Films, my band's video was a bit of DIY and a lot of favours to create a storyboard, choreograph the dance, and shoot the video in a London studio. However, the project was a serious amount of fun and we have an excellent video at the end to showcase our single!


To celebrate the Olympic Torch relay travelling through Margate, Irie Soulfood decided to have a street stall to feed the masses and promote their brand new restaurant. We at Waterfront Studios went along to capture the fun of the day and got to taste some of the delicious soul food.



Even before my university studies in Theatre, videos were a big part of my life. As a boy, my brother and I used to make home videos - of "football tournaments", "spy thrillers", and one occasion of a "Jack Ass" type video that inevitably ended in tears.

I have progressed, however, from these early attempts at directing and have traveled around the UK shooting videos of musicians, visual graphics for theatre productions, and promotional adverts for businesses.

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Working with a local community choir, we took on the task of creating a piece of theatre that captured what it means to be a community. This was a process of creating material through both body to body interactions and discussions of current ideas of community.


House was an incredibly fun and challenging piece to be a part of that received the honour of being both Arts Council Funded and in Brighton Fringe Windows. The play was set in a local house that was set over 4 floors. In each room on each floor was a different scene and audience members could wonder round as if they were being guided by an estate agent with interest to buy the house. As the move through, they gradually piece together the stories that unfold.


Equally as complicated as House was another promenade piece that I was lucky enough to be involved with. This piece used live feeds, video relays, and a range of sound cue and looked at the phenomenon of catfishing - ie creating relationships online and not knowing who you are really talking with.



It probably comes as no surprise given my University degree that I have a huge interest in Theatre. Predominantly, I work with a Brighton based theatre company, Brighton Laboratory, that creates avante-garde theatre pieces in interesting locations.

With this, and most other theatre productions I get involved with, my primary role is in the Audio/Visual department - creating soundscapes and imagery to support the performance given by the actors and further the themes of the plays.

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One of the songs I sung at The Montreux Jazz Festival was Feeling Good (made famous by Nina Simone). I decided to carry the sentimental value of the song on for me and began performing it with my band, Levity. Here's our live session rendition of the song.


I've been a part of Levity for around 4 years now and we've come a long way since our humble university beginnings. We're now being played regularly on radio stations across the UK and love performing live. In February this year (2017), we launched our debut EP, Cause & Effect which you can find here:


Alongside Levity, I also love writing music for myself and play piano, guitar, didgeridoo, and a range of unusual instruments. In the next couple of months I will be recording a debut album at a prestigious recording studio in Wales (that has seen the likes of Queen!). Here's a demo of one of the recent tracks I've written.


One of the best parts of being involved with music is the ability to make friends and perform together. I often sing with a fantastic singer, Nicole Hrouda, and can spend hours playing around with covers to create new versions of much loved songs.



Music is my favourite pass time and I dedicate a lot of my hours to creating and performing it. Currently I am the lead singer for Brighton based Soul/Funk Rock band, Levity, but have performed around Europe with bands and as a solo act.

The most notable performance was at The Montreux Jazz festival where I had the privilege of performing the Park Stage that has seen the likes of Chick Chorea, Bobby McFerrin, and Carlos Santana - a definite high point in my life!

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